If you send a letter by mail, no matter whether moving by truck, car or motorcycle as it reaches its destination. This clearly summarize my intention in my digital print job.
These impressions are worked in the same logic as my paint job, there is the tool that changes. This digital tool is for me comparable to plate the recorder will scratch after printing. The working process is like a kind of modern engraving.
However, in my case the work exists only once and are more usable format for printing by suite. This technique does not allow me to produce certain shades available in nature, d 'Hence the importance of keeping the painting in my work, it does not allow either to use reflective materials, diffractive or fluorescent, but the digital painting allows a non-linear creative process.
I can paint on multiple layers as they may be edited independently.
In addition, the ability to undo and redo the paint me free from the constraints of a linear process and as in traditional Western painting techniques, allows repentance, even a few months.
This mixture of techniques and digital tools as vast as it is, is not it a great way to reach new artistic prowess?
The combination of classical painting in this digital tool allows me to get sometimes difficult to achieve results with acrylic or oil painting, it pushes back by the barrier of the technique and what matters painting without actually make them disappear.
The techniques of today are changing the art world, it is necessary to adapt and tame it.
I do not mean to forget our traditional painting techniques, but to link the two into a powerful tool to go further technically possible to further develop his imagination. Some artists, art critics and others talk about the death of painting,
I do not believe absolutely not, and I shout loudly that will never go away, it just needs more adapt to our society evolve with what the world has to offer today, not to be forgotten.
This idea of linking digital art and traditional painting techniques , I also share with my students in pedagogy . Since this mixture can explore more technical track , benefiting the creation and imagination , it is for me a certainty that allows students to recreate a sometimes broken ties with their imagination.

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